• International

    Bardahl International

    Bardahl products are sold in over 90 countries on 6 different continents and in 16 different languages. The Bardahl name has become a recognized brand and market leader throughout the world in the chemical, additive and lubricants industry. The company has established a global distribution network that includes 8 blending and packaging facilities to service its international customers. Through its many strategic partnerships and alliances with major corporations, Bardahl has been granted over 20 international OEM authorizations.

  • Africa


    Bardahl Africa is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, it has developed many strategic partnerships to promote the brand and expand distribution into various African nations.

    Africa Contact: customersupport@bardahl.com

  • America Latina

    Latin America

    Bardahl is without a doubt, market leader in the Latin American region. With more than 50 years presence in the markets, Bardahl has established an efficient and organized distribution network. Our distributors provide excellent customer service, product support, and inventory of Bardahl products for local customer needs. We are very proud of our distributor´s professional commitment to provide the very best customer service possible.

    Latin America Contact: rnwlac@lacsalesandmarketing.com

    Bardahl America-Latina
  • Asia Pacific

    Asia Pacific

    Established in Singapore with the aim of servicing the growing demands in the Asian Pacific region, has achieved significant progress over the years. The brand is now represented from Russia (Far East) in the North to New Zealand in the south. The company has poured in much investment to promote “Bardahl” through sponsorship of races and advertisements.

    Asia Pacific Contact: ehfletcher@bardahl-ap.com

    Bardahl Asia Pacific website
  • Europe


    Bardahl Europe is a wholly owned division of the Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation. Based in the UK it is responsible for the development of the brand in Europe through contracted distribution in 25 countries. In addition it administers and processes orders, coordinates production and offers both marketing and technical support.

    Europe Contact: dmcneil@bardahleurope.com

    Bardahl France websiteBardahl Italy websiteBardahl Spain websiteBardahl NL/UK website
  • South Asia

    Bardahl South Asia

    Bardahl South Asia corporate is based in Mumbai, India and registered in New Delhi, India with supply chain and distribution network spanning across India. Its brand development and expansion strategy to neighbouring countries will cater to the growing demands and requirements of the various sectors like automotive, industrial etc.

    Bardahl South Asia Contact: info@elvibardahl.com

    Bardahl South Asia website

Export Operations

Export Operations Bardahl began selling its products in other countries in the early 1950’s and today many Bardahl automotive chemicals, lubricants and additives are still made at the plant in Seattle and are shipped to markets around the world. Containers leave the Bardahl factory daily headed to far-off lands where people only trust Bardahl products for their vehicles. Many international distributors have been part of the Bardahl Family for over 60 years and Bardahl is the leading brand in numerous countries, gaining its ‘world famous’ reputation.