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These products will enhance the performance of your vehicle and help it continue running at its best for many miles and many years to come…..

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  • 2116 No Smoke
  • 3342 CRDI Cleaner + Cetane Booster
  • 21208 B2 Oil Treatment
  • 5150 ATV/UTV Fuel System Treatment with Friction Modifier
  • 2117 No Smoke + Stop Leak
  • 3313 Diesel System Cleaner
  • 1511 Engine Power Booster
  • 3010 Instead O Lead Gold


Bardahl is famous for its long heritage of racing, having sponsored many race teams around the world.

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The Additive is our newsletter designed to keep customers, friends and associates of Bardahl up-to-date with activities and developments at the company, and within the automotive industry.